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The aviation business is a multibillion dollar industry. Highly specialized insurance carriers provide broad coverage and very high liability limits of $250 Million up to $500 Million. We have access to all of the major carriers who specialize in providing aircraft insurance solutions. 


Yavitz Insurance Group, in conjunction with its aviation partners (PIM) Aviation Insurance, will provide the necessary expertise for insuring all of your aviation coverage needs:

  • Commercial Aviation
  • Turbine Aircraft
  • Light Aircraft
  • Airlines
  • Agricultural Aviation
  • Rotor Wings
  • Aircraft Component Manufacturer
If you travel outside the country, your aircraft policy must include your destination and all stops along the way. Be sure your policy includes war risk, high-jacking and allied perils hull and liability coverage. Let your insurance provider know where you'll be traveling, as there are location-specific policies to consider for destinations such as Mexico, Canada and Europe.