Long-Term Care (LTC) and Disability

Long-Term Care:*
Typically provides both nursing home and home health care benefits:
Plan Features:

  • Provides a monthly benefit when you are unable to perform two or more activities of daily living (ADLs); coverage is also triggered for mental impairment/dementia.
  • Policies are guaranteed renewable regardless of health conditions.
  • Lifetime benefit periods available.
  • Inflation rider automatically increases your monthly benefit each year to help you maintain the reimbursement level desired.
  • Significant discounts available when purchased by both spouses or partners.
  • Single and short payment options: Policies can be designed with a single payment and short pay option in addition to traditional payment methods.

Disability Insurance:*
Provides a monthly benefit when unable to work due to total or partial disability.
Disability Plan Features:

  • Benefits are paid for both accident and sickness.
  • Coverage is primary so you receive benefits even if your claim is job related, or you receive social security benefits.
  • Polices are guaranteed to renew regardless of health conditions.
  • Price lock – 65: Policies are available that guarantee your premium will not increase to age 65.
  • Own occupation rider: Eligible applicants can obtain a guarantee that if they cannot perform the regular and material duties of their “own occupation,” they would be considered disabled, even if they have the ability to perform a different job.
  • Inflation/cost of living rider: Automatically increases your policy limit to keep your benefit limit more in line with your needs.

*Features commonly offered by Yavitz Insurance Group; variations may be offered depending on coverage, availability and your particular needs.

Long-Term Care: When considering the purchase of a LTC policy, adding an inflation rider can be very beneficial. Although your limit on a LTC policy may be adequate now, it likely will be too low in 10-20 years. The inflation rider helps match your policy limits with the ever rising costs associated with long-term care facilities/home health care. Simply increasing the waiting period could be a good way to offset some of the additional cost of the inflation rider.
Disability: One of the most important features of a disability policy is the definition of disability. The best policies consider you disabled when you are unable to perform the regular and material duties of your "own" occupation.