Whether you live in a luxury condo, a turn of the century home, or sprawling estate, we have the carriers and policies that best fit your needs. Our knowledge of local home values, market conditions and risks (such as flooding, tornadoes, hail and earthquake) is second to none when it comes to customizing a coverage that will thoroughly protect one of your most important investments.

And because we’re licensed in a majority of states, we can also insure your out-of-state second home.

Homeowner Types:

  • Luxury
  • Single Family
  • Condominiums
  • Attached Homes
  • Duplex
  • Renters Coverage
  • Secondary/Seasonal Homes
If your older home is recently renovated, many carriers will provide sizable discounts. Buying a home? Consider putting a contingency in your purchase contract allowing you to obtain a CLUE report. This is like getting a medical history of your future home, revealing past claims/problems that may not have been properly disclosed by the seller.