Property insurance is an important segment in most business insurance portfolios. Identifying property exposures and their valuation are the first steps toward securing property insurance.

  • Building Coverage includes additions and alterations, fixtures, permanently installed machinery and equipment and owned personal property used to service and maintain the building.
  • Business Personal Property Coverage (BPP) includes furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment not permanently installed in the building, stock, leasehold improvements, and all other personal property used in your business not otherwise excluded in the policy.
  • Business Interruption Coverage includes lost profits, continuing expenses and extra expenses up to the policy limit or when business operations resume, whichever occurs first.
  • Loss of rental income and loss of tuition for educational institutions.
If your largest client or biggest supplier was shut down due to a fire, you could sustain a significant loss of income. Traditional Business Interruption does not cover this exposure however, Contingent Business Interruption would provide the necessary coverage.